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Legal Counsel For Obtaining, Keeping Or Reinstating A Nursing License

The Colorado Board of Nursing establishes and manages licensing, discipline and enforcement of rules for our state’s nursing workforce. Detailed rules and regulations for obtaining, keeping and recovering nurses’ licenses are detailed and customized to different subcategories of nurses, including professional, practical and volunteer nurses.

If you anticipate or are already facing hurdles of any kind in your efforts to become or remain licensed to practice your nursing profession in Colorado, consult with an attorney. You may have realized that you need legal counsel if you have a license that is at risk. Time is of the essence in this situation.

At The Law Office of Sean R. Dingle, LLC, you have access to timely, customized legal counsel. Acting now may protect your nursing vocation from ruin. Consulting with an attorney is especially important if you have been charged with a crime or any violation of occupational rules for nurses in our state.

What Charges Can Stop You From Being A Nurse In Colorado?

Whether you are applying for a new license to practice nursing in Colorado or trying to renew or reinstate a previously existing license, you may face hurdles or a denial if any of the following apply to you:

  • Indications that you are unable to practice nursing safely for any reason, including a physical or mental disability
  • Evidence that your work as a nurse might pose risks to the health and safety of the public
  • A history of chemical dependency and/or drug diversion
  • Arrests for alcohol or drug-related offenses
  • A felony conviction for a crime such as fraud, theft or assault, including sexual assault
  • Accusations of child or elder abuse
  • Forgery and other conduct that suggests dishonesty or questionable judgment
  • Failure to disclose criminal cases such as drunk driving charges or convictions upon applying for or renewing a nursing license
  • Failure to notify the Colorado Board of Nursing after a conviction or disciplinary action in another state
  • Failure to renew an expired license within the required time frame while practicing nursing

The list above is not necessarily comprehensive. It is an abbreviated summary of some of the most common impediments to obtaining or keeping a nurse’s license in Colorado. Some are criminal reasons; others are ethical or procedural rules violations. Offenses or reasons for denying you a nursing license may have occurred at or away from wherever you are or are planning on practicing nursing.

To protect your eligibility to receive or preserve your nursing license in Colorado, turn to our experienced professional licensing defense attorney at The Law Office of Sean R. Dingle, LLC. He can be the source of support and advocacy that you need.

Get Help And Answers As Soon As You Know You Need An Advocate

Attorney Sean Dingle can guide you to success before, during or after disciplinary procedures or a criminal case that poses a threat to your nursing license. For criminal defense as well as professional licensing defense, contact The Law Office of Sean R. Dingle, LLC.

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