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As A Doctor, Nurse, Technician Or Pharmacist Accused Of Drug Diversion, Get Legal Counsel Without Delay

Health care professionals work hard on the front lines every day, often in close contact with illness, medications and complex equipment. A high-stress, physically demanding job, together with easy access to prescription drugs, sometimes translates to trouble for doctors, nurses, technicians and pharmacists who struggle with drug dependency.

Our drug diversion defense lawyer, Sean Dingle, is a former assistant attorney general who served as the disciplinary prosecutor for the board of medical examiners. His guidance and advocacy may be critical to a successful defense of your livelihood.

When Drug Dependency Leads To Theft Of Narcotics On The Job

Was your own drug addiction responsible for circumstances that led to your arrest or accusations of drug diversion? Many physicians, nurses and other health care workers find themselves in this very predicament.

Perhaps you took an OxyContin pill here and there, found a way to obtain and consume narcotics delivered through IV tubes, or applied used fentanyl patches to yourself when your body was demanding a fix. You are not alone. You were perhaps in need of drug withdrawal therapy after using legally obtained prescription narcotics for your own pain – but took a shortcut to help yourself without going through the proper channels.

When Circumstances Lead To False Or Exaggerated Accusations

Perhaps you were falsely accused as a result of the appearance of wrongdoing that was misconstrued by an observer. Maybe the wrong number of pills were delivered to your patient, and the next nurse or other caregiver concluded that you must have stolen some.

Or, you may be under scrutiny because of allegations that you illegally diverted controlled substances to patients or others.

Professional Licensing Agencies Are Under Pressure To Be Especially Vigilant

Whether the charges against you were based on fact or supposition – or because of your own consumption of drugs or illegal delivery to others – your professional license is very likely at risk in addition to other possible negative consequences.

You should be aware of the aggressiveness with which licensing boards under the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) are meting out punishments to licensed professionals. You may be subjected to public discipline and/or charged with a felony crime.

Act Now To Do All That You Can To Protect Your Licensure

Take action immediately to maximize your changes of a favorable case outcome after you have been accused of drug diversion as a health care professional.

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