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The Law Office of Sean R. Dingle, LLC Experienced DUI Defense Representation For Professionals

For licensed professionals, the social stigma and consequences of a drunk driving arrest are compounded by the effects it can have on your career. Professional license holders are required to report any criminal charge that they face. A DUI conviction often results in the suspension or revocation of your license.

In seeking to manage the fallout of a DUI charge or conviction, many in Colorado turn to our attorney, Sean R. Dingle, for his advice. In addition to extensive experience representing clients in license defense cases, Mr. Dingle served as a deputy district attorney for more than 10 years. His previous work as a prosecutor enables him to understand the complexity of drunk driving laws and how they interact with state licensing board rules and disciplinary actions.

Do Not Let A Drunk Driving Offense Ruin Your Future

Mr. Dingle regularly advises our firm’s clients with respect to how a drunk driving charge or conviction will affect their future. This includes not only their driving privileges and the impact on their insurance rates but also the effects on their careers. Beyond the possibility of a license suspension or revocation, the state licensing board may require other things such as:

  • Taking part in and paying for special diversion programs
  • Paying reinstatement fees
  • Obtaining special insurance
  • Enrolling in a monitoring program
  • Restricting employment contracts

Mr. Dingle understands how these issues affect your professional life. He can counsel you on how to manage and minimize the impact of these actions on your career.

Representing You In DUI Charges

In addition to helping protect your professional license, we can also help you fight DUI charges. We will work with you to ensure that you understand every legal defense available to you. Mr. Dingle can challenge any number of elements in your case:

  • Was the traffic stop lawful?
  • Was the Intoxilyzer properly maintained and operated?
  • Was the blood or breath test properly administered?

Attorney Sean Dingle understands how to raise these challenges successfully. He understands the practical steps involved in building these successful challenges. He does so collaboratively with you, so you know the status of your case.

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