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Defense For Health Care Professionals Facing Disciplinary Procedures

Today, more and more health care professionals are finding that their very livelihoods are at stake as the result of discipline from a professional oversight board. If you are a doctor, nurse or other health care professional and your license is at risk, we want to help you protect it.

Our firm provides legal guidance for health care professionals in Denver and throughout Colorado who are navigating the treacherous waters of disciplinary board hearings. The founder and sole attorney at The Law Office of Sean R. Dingle, LLC, has not only successfully represented professionals, but he has also served as a disciplinary prosecutor for the board of medical examiners. Let attorney Sean Dingle represent you at a disciplinary hearing.

When Your Medical License Is At Risk In Colorado Trust Experience

Sometimes, professionals who otherwise exercise impeccable judgment inexplicably attempt to represent themselves in these administrative hearings. Inexperienced in the practice of law, these medical professionals might actually place their careers in jeopardy by trying to teach themselves the law during their own disciplinary process.

Likewise, sometimes professionals are ignorant of their legal options or fail to proactively manage their cases. Therefore, these professionals might miss alternative opportunities to resolve their cases. For example, they might not know that the board might be willing to negotiate a solution and craft an alternative discipline appropriate for the case.

An Administrative Law Attorney: Advocating On Your Behalf During A Disciplinary Action

Administrative hearings have their own idiosyncratic rules. These rules sometimes contain draconian requirements set out only in rarely read and even more rarely understood code books. Attorney Dingle understands these rules. More importantly, he understands how these rules are applied to health care professionals who have been charged with crimes or other ethical violations.

Mr. Dingle represents medical professionals from across the health care sector. He can help the following health care professionals defend their licenses and careers with their respective professional boards:

  • Nurses: The Board of Nursing: Discipline and Enforcement oversees complaints about nurses.
  • Physicians: The Colorado Medical Board oversees complaints about doctors, surgeons and physicians.
  • Pharmacists: The Colorado State Board of Pharmacy oversees complaints about pharmacists.
  • Mental health professionals: The Colorado State Board of Professional Counselor Examiners oversees complaints about therapists in the state of Colorado.
  • Chiropractors: The Colorado Board of Chiropractic Examiners oversees complaints about chiropractors.
  • Dentists: The Colorado Dental Board oversees complaints about dentists in Colorado.

The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) oversees licensed professionals in the state. Formal charges are conducted before an administrative law judge in an administrative court. However, attorney Dingle can represent you as soon as you find out that a complaint has been filed and before formal charges are brought. The sooner he gets involved, the faster you have someone advocating on your behalf and protecting your interests.

As a former assistant attorney general, Mr. Dingle served as the disciplinary prosecutor for the board of medical examiners for two years. He also served on the board’s rulemaking committee and assisted the board with promulgating its policies.

His extensive knowledge of the disciplinary system and its rules enables our firm’s clients to proactively manage their disciplinary process in an economically efficient manner. Attorney Dingle understands the various legal theories under which he can challenge a board’s rulings on his clients’ behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions About License Defense

If you are a Denver health care professional who relies on a license for your livelihood, keeping that license is paramount. The loss could derail your entire career. It’s very important to know what defense options you have. Here at The Law Office of Sean R. Dingle, LLC, we have compiled some of the most common questions we see to help you get started.

What industries or professions do you represent for license defense in Colorado?

We work with many professionals in the medical field. We can help defend against the loss of a nursing license, a doctor’s license, a pharmaceutical license or the license required by a mental health professional. But we also work with many other professionals, such as real estate agents, counselors, plumbers, lawyers, engineers, electricians, architects and accountants.

What industries or professions do you NOT offer services to?

We are primarily focused on license defense, which not all professions require. We cannot help people obtain compensation for medical bills or help them remove a loved one from a mental health facility. We simply work with licensed professionals who believe their license is at risk.

What happens during the disciplinary process?

The disciplinary process involves going before the board, which can decide if it is going to revoke or suspend a license. You may have a chance to present counterarguments or appeal the suspension. The board can also hand out monetary fines.

Why should I work with an attorney if I have been disciplined by a professional oversight board?

You need to work with an attorney so that you can explore all of your possible defense options. This is something that you must take seriously, and an experienced lawyer will understand the legal tools at your disposal, the precedents that have been set and the ins and outs of this complex area of the law.

What should I expect when working with a professional licensed defense lawyer?

If you contact us at The Law Office of Sean R. Dingle, LLC, we’ll set up a consultation to get to know you and your case. We focus on education, communication and providing personalized service to all of our clients.

Contact A Denver Medical License Defense Lawyer

Attorney Dingle’s aggressive, proactive approach often allows his firm’s clients to mitigate discipline imposed by a medical licensing board or avoid disciplinary procedures altogether. Attorney Dingle is available for initial consultation appointments. In this appointment, you can learn about the options you have to protect your valuable credentials. Call us at 303-225-7583 or inquire online to schedule an appointment.