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Representing Professionals Before Licensing Boards

Professional Disciplinary Defense

Today, more and more professionals find their very livelihoods at stake as the result of discipline from a professional oversight board. With their licenses at risk, professionals who otherwise exercise impeccable judgment inexplicably attempt to represent themselves. Inexperienced in the practice of law, these professionals place their careers in jeopardy by trying to teach themselves the law during their own disciplinary process.

Or, worse, these professionals, ignorant of their legal options, fail to proactively manage their cases, thereby missing opportunities to more closely work with the board to craft a discipline appropriate to the case.

Our firm provides the legal guidance that professionals need to successfully navigate the treacherous waters of a disciplinary board hearing. Our firm’s lawyer, Sean R. Dingle, has not only successfully represented professionals, he has also served as a disciplinary prosecutor for the board of medical examiners.

On Your Side When You Are Facing A Professional Disciplinary Board

Mr. Dingle represents professionals from across the spectrum, including, but not limited to:

  • Nurses
  • Physicians
  • Pharmacists
  • Mental health professionals

An administrative hearing process has its own idiosyncratic rules. These rules contain sometimes-draconian requirements set out only in rarely-read and even-more-rarely-understood code books. Attorney Sean R. Dingle provides the clients of our firm with sound legal advice concerning administrative disciplinary proceedings. He understands these rules and, equally important, he understands how these rules are applied to real people in the real world.

As a former assistant attorney general, Mr. Dingle served as the disciplinary prosecutor for the board of medical examiners for two years. He also served with the board’s rule-making committee and assisted the board with the promulgation of its policies.

His extensive knowledge of the system and its rules enables our firm’s clients to proactively manage their disciplinary process in an economically efficient manner. Mr. Dingle understands the various legal theories under which he can challenge a board’s rulings on his client’s behalf. This aggressive proactive approach often allows the firm’s clients to mitigate the discipline imposed, if not avoid the discipline altogether.

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