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About The Law Office Of Sean R. Dingle, LLC

Our attorney, Sean Dingle, started this law firm to provide diligent, aggressive and compassionate legal services to people facing criminal charges or nursing and/or medical professional disciplinary board proceedings. As a former deputy district attorney and former assistant attorney general, Mr. Dingle now provides clients with unique insights into the legal strategies of those people preparing cases against them.

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A Client-Centered, Results-Oriented Approach To Lawyering

At our firm, Mr. Dingle views a case through the client’s eyes. He keeps clients updated, partnering with them to make informed decisions and ensuring that legal work performed on a case is done efficiently and always with an eye to achieving the client’s ultimate goals. In doing so, our attorney keeps in mind that the legal process is often an intimidating one for any client. He dedicates himself to managing that legal process for each client, working to enable them to achieve their legal goals.

Denver Criminal Justice Attorney

As a former prosecutor with the district attorney’s office, Mr. Dingle successfully prosecuted the most complex criminal cases. He now advises private clients regarding complicated domestic violence assault and/or harassment charges.

As a lawyer in private practice, he has applied his experience representing the Colorado Medical Board to successfully defend physicians, nurses, hospitals and lawyers in medical, nursing and legal malpractice actions, including several complex multimillion-dollar birth injury and wrongful death cases. He has also successfully defended doctors, nurses and lawyers in professional disciplinary and licensure matters. Mr. Dingle regularly defends clients in high-pressure, high-profile cases in which millions of dollars and entire professional careers are at stake.

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For a completely confidential discussion regarding your criminal defense or nursing and/or medical professional disciplinary matter, schedule a free initial consultation at The Law Office of Sean R. Dingle, LLC, by calling us at 303-225-7583. You can also contact us online.