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Legal Guidance For Pharmacists In Colorado

At any stage of your career as a pharmacist or a professional in charge of a pharmacy, you may need legal counsel. This is especially the case if you consider your license to practice pharmacy to be at risk. You may have been accused of rules violations, charged with a crime or named in a misconduct complaint. No matter what trouble you wish to prevent or overcome, you should entrust your legal issues to an experienced professional licensing defense attorney, such as our founding lawyer at The Law Office of Sean R. Dingle, LLC.

Attorney Sean Dingle has years of experience on both sides of the fence in pharmacy licensing defense cases. Today, he manages a thriving private practice that focuses on licensing issues of medical professionals of many varieties, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and others. Contact us if your pharmacy license in Colorado is the target of threats of any kind.

Protect Your License To Practice Pharmacy

From the time you apply for a license to practice pharmacy in Colorado to points in your career when you encounter difficulties, attorney Dingle can help keep your career on track, legally speaking. He can guide you in proactive compliance and defense advocacy regarding:

  • Interpretations of the State Board of Pharmacy Rules and Regulations, a lengthy, detailed document
  • Accusations of fraudulent or deceptive practices
  • Alleged payments made to doctors or nursing homes in exchange for referrals or promotions of your practice
  • Mandatory counseling to be delivered to patients along with medications
  • Allegations or convictions for sexual misconduct and mandatory disclosures that you are required to present to patients if applicable
  • Alleged violations of rules for handling prescriptions and dispensing drugs
  • Criminal charges, arrests or convictions that may affect your licensure

Attorney Dingle can be your go-to lawyer for all rules, processes and problems related to Colorado’s goal of safe, ethical handling of patients’ information, medications, dispensing protocols and more. Turn to him for professional licensing defense or advice on concerns that arise as you apply for the renewal of your license. Are you required to report an arrest for drunk driving that did not result in a conviction? Let attorney Dingle evaluate your circumstances and advise and represent you accordingly.

Work With A Proven Denver Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer

Attorney Dingle’s background as an assistant attorney general and counsel for the Colorado State Board of Medical Examiners has equipped him to advise you with great assurance on your part that your licensure will be defended skillfully.

To schedule a consultation regarding any pharmacy licensing concerns in Colorado, call 303-225-7583 or send us an email inquiry.