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Why might I be unable to secure a license in Colorado despite having one in another state?

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2023 | Physician Licensing

Colorado is part of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, which means it provides a fast process to allow doctors to get their licenses in Colorado if they hold one in another state that is also part of the IMLC.

As with any situation, though, there are things that could hold up or prevent you from getting a license in this state, even if you hold one in another state.

State does not participate

The biggest roadblock to the IMLC is that states have to join. If they are not a part of the compact, then you cannot take advantage of the process. The states participating change often due to legislation changes, so you have to stay on top of who is part of the compact when you wish to apply.

Restrictions on license

If your existing license has any restrictions or you do not have a full, active license in your state, then Colorado will not approve you to get a license here.

Not meeting requirements

You are securing a new medical license in Colorado. As such, you have to meet all the requirements the state sets, which include graduation from an approved medical school, passing exams, having no disciplinary action on your existing license, no criminal record and no investigation or substance-related actions against you. You also must go through a fingerprint background check, even if you have done so recently in another state.

Getting a medical license in Colorado when you hold one in another state can be easy as long as you meet all requirements and your state is part of the IMLC.