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A look at complaints and license suspension

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2023 | Professional Disciplinary Defense

If you work as a doctor, dentist or any other type of licensed professional, it is important to understand the potential consequences that could arise if someone files a complaint. Aside from anxiety, legal challenges, financial hurdles and a damaged reputation, you could lose your license as well.

When it comes to these complaints, every case is unique. Some involve exaggerated details, while others are completely baseless altogether. Make sure you gather as much evidence as you can and analyze the details of the incident(s).

An overview of license suspension and revocation

Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Agencies goes over complaints and various penalties that could arise, such as license suspension or revocation. When someone submits a complaint to the Division of Professions and Occupations, they review it to find out if violations took place. The professional targeted in the complaint will typically receive a copy and documentation provided by the complainant, such as images, police reports, billing, personal statements and X-rays.

If the board comes to the conclusion that a violation did not occur, they could dismiss the complaint. On the other hand, if they find that a violation took place, they could issue a fine and suspend or revoke the respondent’s license.

Protecting your license

It is important to understand how license suspension and revocation work and take steps to safeguard your license as well as your career, finances and future. In addition, it is pivotal to have a clear understanding of the options available to you. Make sure you identify the best approach in court if you face legal action, which can prove challenging for busy professionals worried about license suspension and other penalties due to a complaint.