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Strong Representation For Domestic Violence/Harassment

Sometimes the challenges of life are not as clear-cut as we would want them to be. One of the messier areas of legal conflict involves domestic violence and third degree assault. Many times, people involved in these situations attempt to resolve matters on their own without any help from outside legal consultants. This is a common mistake that, in the long run, costs more money for an attorney to fix for the client than if an attorney had been hired from the beginning. The quicker you involve Sean R. Dingle’s law firm in your case, the faster he can give you the advice you need to best manage your case.

You Need An Attorney For Restraining Order Violations

Mr. Dingle possesses a unique command of the law concerning domestic violence in Colorado. In 1993, he became the very first prosecutor in his jurisdiction to be dedicated solely to prosecuting domestic violence cases. As part of these duties, Mr. Dingle developed a domestic violence checklist for police and prosecutors that eventually came to be used by law enforcement agencies across the state. He also was tasked with training other prosecutors all across the state on how to prosecute domestic violence cases.

Mr. Dingle’s extensive experience in shaping Colorado legal procedure for domestic violence cases allows our firm’s clients to confidently rely on Mr. Dingle’s legal judgment with respect to domestic violence cases. They understand that Mr. Dingle’s legal knowledge is shaped, not only by the letter of the law, but by how that law is applied in concrete individual situations. His experience allows him to understand how prosecutors may think about a certain case and what strategies they may apply. Mr. Dingle also has a deep familiarity with the approaches taken to cases by the many judges who rule on domestic violence cases. As a result, our firm can authoritatively guide you through the legal terrain, both technical and practical, posed by any domestic violence case.

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