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The impact of social media behavior on your dental license

On Behalf of | May 2, 2023 | Professional Disciplinary Defense

Social media has become an essential part of our lives, providing a platform for personal expression and professional networking. However, inappropriate behavior on social media can have negative consequences, even impacting one’s professional license.

This blog will explore whether poor behavior on social media can cause a dentist to lose their dental license in Colorado.

The connection between social media and professional conduct

The Colorado Dental Board regulates dental professionals in the state and has the authority to discipline licensees for unprofessional conduct. While the board does not explicitly mention social media in its rules, it does state that unprofessional conduct includes any act or omission that falls below the standard of care or ethical behavior expected of a dental professional.

This definition implies that the board could interpret your unprofessional or unethical behavior on social media as grounds for disciplinary action, which may include suspension or revocation of your dental license.

Social media behavior that could lead to license issues

Consider the following as examples of social media behavior that the board might view as unprofessional or unethical:

  • Sharing patient information without consent: Posting identifiable patient information, images or details of their treatment on social media without their consent can be a violation of patient privacy and confidentiality.
  • Harassment or discrimination: Engaging in online harassment or discrimination based on factors such as race, gender or sexual orientation can be seen as unprofessional and could lead to disciplinary action.
  • Making false or misleading claims: Promoting your dental practice through false or misleading statements or advertising can also fall under the category of unprofessional conduct.

Poor behavior on social media can potentially cause you to lose your dental license in Colorado. By being mindful of your actions on social media, you can protect your reputation and your dental license.