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What are the top errors in pharmacy?

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2023 | Pharmacists

Pharmaceutical errors unfortunately do happen sometimes, and the resulting consequences can seriously harm an individual’s life and livelihood.

In some cases, a pharmaceutical error may even serve as enough reason for a pharmacist to lose their license.

Incorrect dosage

The National Library of Medicine takes a look at some of the most common errors in pharmaceutical industries. Prescribing the wrong dosage ranks as one of the top issues.

This often happens when a pharmacist does not take the weight, age, gender or other factors of a patient’s health into consideration. In some cases, some of the issues mentioned below may also lead to an accidental assignment of an incorrect dosage.

Incorrect medication

In the world of pharmaceutical drugs, many look the same visually speaking. Many pills are small and round and do not vary in color very much.

Thus, it is not impossible for a pharmacist in a rush to take one small, round, white pill and mix it up with another one, thus accidentally giving the patient an entirely incorrect medication that does not treat their ailment and may even have negative side effects.

Trouble interpreting handwriting

Doctors in general tend to get a bad reputation for their bad handwriting. Sometimes, bad handwriting can actually create a situation of serious harm, though.

If a pharmacist cannot accurately read a prescription order, they could easily misinterpret it and get the wrong medicine for the patient.

In some cases, these mistakes may lead to a patient suffering serious injury or even death. They can also lead to a pharmacist’s license getting revoked, which is why it is important for pharmacists to understand the impact of these actions.