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Complaints and the Office of Investigations

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2023 | Professional Disciplinary Defense

If you are a licensed professional facing an investigation, you likely have many questions. If someone filed a complaint, you could have high levels of anxiety and uncertainty with respect to what happens next. It is crucial to carefully pore over the unique details of your situation and recognize how this could impact your career.

Many licensed professionals find themselves in this position, and it is also essential to understand how investigations move forward.

When does the Office of Investigations look into complaints?

According to the Division of Professions and Occupations, when someone files a complaint against a licensee, the regulatory authority goes over the details of the complaint to determine if violations occurred. If they come to the conclusion that violations took place, the Office of Investigations could carry out a formal investigation.

The DPO states that roughly 500 to 600 cases go to the Office of Investigations each year.

How long does a formal investigation take?

On average, it takes about six to eight months for the Office of Investigations to finish a case. Various factors can impact the duration of an investigation, such as the investigator’s caseload, the willingness of witnesses to cooperate and the complexity of a case. You can reach out to the investigator handling your case for an estimated timeframe.

Depending on the outcome of an investigation, you could face a number of consequences if the regulatory authority finds that violations occurred, such as the revocation or suspension of your license. If an investigation has arisen and you face potential disciplinary action as a licensed professional, protecting your interests and understanding your options is paramount.