Are You At Risk Of Losing Your Professional License?

Protect your license, livelihood, reputation and freedom with a strong defense.

A Denver defense attorney representing professionals before licensing boards.

A Former Assistant Attorney General Working For You

Our firm’s attorney, Sean R. Dingle, possesses a unique skill set developed over the past 30- plus years. Mr. Dingle has successfully represented individuals and government institutions in criminal and professional disciplinary concerns, having served as a deputy district attorney and an assistant attorney general. As an assistant attorney general, he represented the medical board itself in professional disciplinary matters. Now in private practice, Mr. Dingle utilizes his experience to help medical and other licensed professionals when facing disciplinary action.

More Than 30 years Of Experience

A Calming, Compassionate Lawyer By Your Side During Difficult Times

We serve Denver and its entire surrounding metro area. We have knowledge of this area’s legal terrain that encompasses not just the technical aspects of law, but also the practical aspects. Mr. Dingle can advise you as to the real-world elements of the law such as how particular judges or licensing boards may view the facts of your case. This knowledge will help you and Mr. Dingle develop comprehensive legal strategies in your best interests.